Desire to work on the relationship

Success in couple therapy begins with the couples desire to work and improve their relationship. In many cases, one partner wants to truly work on the relationship while the other is set in their ways and is a non willing participant, so the first hurdle to clear is for both partners to have a strong desire to work on the relationship.

Total awareness to the partner’s feelings

Once both partners are committed to truly work on their relationship with the goal of success, partners then need to be aware of each others feelings, pay attention to the triggers of those feelings and learn how to reduce trigger events.

Desire to become the best version of themselves

It isn’t enough to have a strong desire to work on the relationship and have total awareness of each others feelings. In order to have success in couple therapy, each of the partners must be fully committed to becoming the best version of themselves in and outside of the relationship. Seeking answers to the why questions is paramount in the self discovery process. Understanding why certain actions and circumstances, as well as expectations and disappointments, affect their own mental health in a way that inflicts further damage to their relationship can help them become the best version of themselves.

What type of therapy is best for couples?

Zoom Therapy offers couple therapy online via HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, so the partners can be in a comfortable safe space of their choosing. It is easy to schedule family and couple therapy on the Zoom Therapy website.

Is couples therapy worth the money?

Placing a value on positive personal and relationship growth shouldn’t be difficult. For example, a four year college degree at a top-ten university in the United States averages about $250,000 in tuition. This is of course a scary price tag, is it worth it? This is a rhetoric question of curse since education is an essential building block of personal growth, and some may think it to be priceless. Couple therapy serves a similar purpose. It allows couples to explore their relationship and educate themselves on practical ways to grow their relationship as well as solve problem areas in their relationship.

What should happen in couples therapy?

Partners work with a licensed therapist that helps guide them through their journey of discovery and solution implementation that is customized and personalized to their specific situation. To learn more, click here to schedule an appointment with Zoom Therapy